Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Small FLY

I thought I should do a quick follow up post to this one.  It's about my... ummm... well, its about my perfectionism. *Adjusts collar nervously*

Right, so ordinarily I don't like to start a job unless I can do the entire job all in one go and get it right first time... So I wouldn't fully clean the house unless I had people coming over and I would then turn into Psycho House Cleaning Lady. I would browbeat Awesome into two and a half hours (or more) of solid cleaning and full on spit-n-shine craziness. And heaven forbid if there was something out of place at the end of it!

We don't have people over very often.

So... using this new system, the temptation for me was to get the entire house spotless and start the new system from there. But something Flylady repeated over and over really got me. I won't spoil it for you, you can check it out for yourself.  It has to do with starting where you are.

So I have.

And the house isn't spotless. But its manageable, and if I needed to, it would now only take about 30 minutes to get it guest ready - and I'm not so worried about it being *perfect*. I think I'm ok with it just being tidy and clean now...

Woah. Flylady. stop changing my life would ya?


  1. Should add the the further I get into the system the less time it would take to straighten the house each day. This is because flylady has different tasks each day, week and month and because I didn't rush too far ahead I haven't got everything completely done yet. But geez I'm closer than I was!

  2. Haha can totally relate to the 2.5 hours of solid cleaning before guests! Whilst I do try and avoid it, it does seem to keep happening. I actually find it easier to have people over regularly, as it helps me keep the place tidy without having to do crazy cleans. Also dropping my standards has helped - it's okay if there is stuff on the dining room table, or a load of washing waiting to be put away. That's life - and I've realised that just as I don't mind (or notice) if friends have normal-life-mess around the house when I visit them, that they don't mind when they visit me!

    ANyway ... a longwinded way of agreeing that doing a bit each day helps keep everything under control ... just the way we like it :)

  3. I've just been reading FlyLady ... Are you loving this because it tells you to wear lace up shoes around the house???! :P

    It's such a turn off for me... I need my feet to be freeeeeeeeeeee!