Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coming to terms with decluttering

So there are a lot of changes and potential changes happening in our lives at the moment, and Awesome and I have been talking a lot about the amount of stuff we have and the fact that we are almost at a limit of the stuff we can put into our apartment right now.

We have put a hold on bringing new items into the apartment for the last few months and we have been seriously questioning the validity of each item in our home. Almost every cupboard has been gone through and items have been pared back until we have just the things we need. We have sold some appliances and a tea set we never used and didn't really love.  |

We have a few pockets of shelf space opening up which has helped us to clear up the areas where things get dumped in the house. But the interesting thing is that now that we have the space, we still don't have the burning desire to bring anything new into the house.

This fascinates me - we have reached a point in our lives where we are content with using what we have and we don't really need anything else. We have no plans to buy anything new for the house, or more clothes or games. We are simply replacing things as they break or wear out.

The only thing that we purchase regularly is books. We are big readers (Awesome more so than me) and we love books. Awesome now has a kindle which has saved us (and will continue to save us) countless shelves over the coming years as he reads 1-3 books a week. I have also got an ereader now and have been visiting the library lately. Even though we pay for online books, we don't have to worry about the space any more.

Its a very strange feeling to not really want anything much. At the very least it is helping us to reach our savings goal for the year.

How do you feel about stuff? Do you have a running list of things you need/want to purchase for your home or life? 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sock Problem

I have a problem with socks.

I hate pairing them. Its the part of folding Mt. Foldmore that I just loathe. Its responsible for the entire basket of single socks (not odd socks, just ones that haven't found their mate yet...) that is taking up space in my bedroom. I refuse to admit that its been there for three weeks.

Its ruining my flow. Darn socks.

Awesome and I wear lots of black socks for work. It should be easy to tell our socks apart because his feet are a bijillion times bigger than mine. But, its not. This is because Awesome gives me his socks that don't 'feel right' and I quite enjoy wear giant socks. (its a weird thing I have, don't criticise)

I think it would take me hours to sort out all those socks... but I am having an idea....

I think that maybe we have too many socks. Maybe we are drowning in socks because we never throw out the non-comfy, complete-with-holes, don't-fit-that-good socks...

I will hold a sock throwing out ceremony and throw out all the cruddy socks. I'm not even going to pair them first. If they are cruddy I will throw out one and then I will throw out the other when I find it.

After the throwing out ceremony, I will pair all remaining socks. This is important. I will have to get over my hatred of sock pairing and just do it.

That will be the only socks we own then. If we want them, we will wash them. And that will be that.

I shall report back on my progress.

(sorry if this post was a little weird. I am very sick with gastro and dehydration which is making me a bit loopy I think...)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafty Jars

This is a super easy craft that will cost under $5 to make (even less if you already own all the supplies!).

And its quick. Real quick. And cheap. and cute. etc.

You need:
3 (or more) glass jars collected from various things you eat eg. jam, chutney, marinade sauces. Different sizes and shapes works best.
White paint. I used Jo Sonja's as its about $3.50 a tube (sometimes less) and I love the vibrancy of the pigment. This is titanium white. You can mix any colour you like really.

Simplicity is the middle name of this craft.

Blob some paint inside a clean, de-labelled jar. 

Use your brush to paint the insides of the jar

Allow to dry and then apply a second coat.

Tie some thin ribbon, lace or raffia around each jar.

Sigh and pat yourself on the back for being so clever. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Update

How is it possible that February is here already? Time for a quick update on all things LordGirl.

My Mission Statement.  I have tried to review this each week. So far I have been feeling like my relationship with God and my marriage are areas that are tracking well as I have poured the time I have had into them. Work is going well, praying each day for safety and calmness has been a learning curve as there have been days that haven't turned out like that at all! But my attitude and how I have handled myself has really improved and I have even done a lot better at watching my tongue.
My commitment to prayer is going well. I have been writing down prayer points for people who need or ask for prayer and have been following through with letting them know I'm praying most of the time. I have been very blessed to have some beautiful friends offer to pray for me while I have had some 'big' stuff going on in my family life.
Physical, Household and Personal development areas were going well at the beginning of the year when I was on holidays from my extra-curricular activities. But as soon at things got busy, my routine started to slip. My first method to fix is going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking early for my bible study and prayer time. This last week has thrown my routine out and I realise its only me that can fight to change it back.

The Year of Intentional is proving difficult. I am slow to change and I need God's press on my heart each day to help me to think outside myself and my slavish desires. This week I want to take each day one at a time and take a few moments to let someone in my life know that I am thinking of them and praying for them.

2012:366 Photo-a-day project. I have struggled with this one this last few weeks. Awesome has started a photo a day project based on his hobby which means I am no longer carying the camera on me regularly, which has meant that I've forgotten to take some photos. So I am going to use the February photo challenge at Fat Mom Slim to get me back on track.

Overall, I am learning that being intentional is not easy. It's shaping. Slowly melting away the lazy and hard parts making the change difficult. It takes effort and work and pushing myself to do things that scare me everyday. February promises more of the same and I am blessed everyday to be able to get up and work on living for Jesus daily.

How is your February going? Are you still working on the goals you had earlier in the year?

The Liebster Award

The lovely Katie at The Imperfect Housewife has nominated Lord Girl for a blog award. I'm so proud - my very first one :) Thanks Katie for thinking of me! 

The Liebster blog award (German for favourite) is a blogging award. 
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Katie has already awarded the lovely Lozzz123 and MzDirector - definitely check out their blogs if you haven't already. 

My Nominees are:

1. Kim at Kimlovesjozi 
2. New blogger Jessica at 'to love'
3. Rebekah at justfordaisy

Thanks again Katie for your nomination!