Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting It Done. Gently. Week 1 Wrap-up

One week done and where are we at?

The Vital Stats
Weight: 78.8
Waist: 105
Weight lost: 1.5kg
Cm lost: +2!!

Like all new things, started with a bang. The first day was excellent, I was disciplined and focused. I went to the pool, worked hard, ate well and generally felt excellent ... and just a little bit smug.

By Thursday I was eating chocolate honeycomb pieces and swearing I'd do better tomorrow!
Overall the week has been good - much better than an ordinarily week. But not perfect. Perfect would have been ordering salad instead of creamy chicken and avocado when out with the fabulous lozzz123 from  Science, Spouses and Silliness earlier this week (yes, sometimes bloggers do meet up in real life. And have Italian. Check her out, she is much funnier than me!). Perfect would have been saying no to the piece of chocolate birthday cake at work (which I did) and not eating it (which I didn't). But you know, you can't improve on perfection, so it's better not to start at the top. Right?

My waist measurement hasn't really improved - in fact I've gained. Which is a little weird, but really, all that crazy rich food I ate on holidays the week before had to go somewhere right? The weight is probably overstated a little, I have changed my water drinking habits significantly this week and my weight can change up to 2kg a day with water intake at the best of times. But its heading in the right direction!

It's a start. And one that I am pretty happy with. Work days are the easiest part as I pack my lunch and only eat what is in the box. I have even let myself eat it in whatever order and at whatever times I choose so I don't feel as though I'm being deprived. But if it's not in the box, I don't eat it (except for the cake). So it's portion control. With only a little bit of control.

The hardest part is the late afternoons. If I have eaten my lunch and 2 snacks already, then at 5pm I'm hungry. Slightly earlier dinner and switching to having my morning yogurt in the afternoon seems to have helped. And drinking more water instead of eating the second I feel hungry.

But hey, I've only been to Maccas once this week!

What do you do to help yourself break bad habits when it comes to food?

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  1. :) aww shucks!

    and those choc honeycomb things were a killer. though it did make me feel sick enough to want to steer away from sugar again!

    good on you for sharing how you're going. i think the accountability is a good idea!