Tuesday, February 9, 2010

January Wrap Up

The first month of the year has flown by already and I am still just nutting out the details of my goals ...!

I have finished the first of my books on the 30 excellent books list.

Guidance and the Voice of God by Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne is a simple and easy to read overview of the way the Bible outlines God's guidance for us. I was particularly encouraged to read about the way God examines our choices. When we are faced with two 'right' choices (for example, choosing between two great churches) we need not fear that we will miss the 'path' that God has set for us. Already I have had the opportunity to discuss this very subject with friends, and I was thankful to have read such a clear outline on the topic. The book also examines cases studies of church, work and marriage as models for the way God guides us and speaks to us.

I recommend this book highly!

In the sewing realm I have started on some of the sewing projects I had lined up for Kindy. There are more to do, but I really need to find a more permanent place for my sewing machine! I wonder if I can angle for the spare desk that hubby is using for his models? We'll see! I was given a beautiful book called Meet Me at Mike's for Christmas and it has me thinking about several more projects to be added to my list! All in good time though!

I have recently found a friend who is willing to be my accountability partner in my 2010 goals. I will be hers also! We have emailed each other a list of our goals, measurable, specific and achievable, and will be writing out a timeline (this was her idea, and a wonderful one - it will help keep me on track). Then each week we will meet up briefly before bible study or call each other and check on each other's progress, update prayer points and encourage one another. We start next week and I am all ready looking forward to it!

This week I am aiming to get my house under control after a week in Fiji and organise a healthier fridge and meal plan for the week. I'll keep you posted!