Sunday, August 7, 2011

Power of A Praying Wife Challenge!

Yesterday I met up with two of the most amazing women in my life to just, ya know, hang.

We are going to take the opportunity to commit together to one month of solid, intentional prayer for our husbands and for each others' marriages.

Wanna join in a bit?

We are using Power of A Praying Wife, by Stormie Omartin, which I have kindly reviewed for you here.  Gets it. It is gooood.

If you are praying with us, leave a note in the comments. We'll encourage you as we go along. We start today with Chapter One: His Wife!

Join Up Below if you have a blog of your own! (I've never used this before so let me know if it doesn't work!).


  1. That's fantastic TIH! Looking forward to having you aboard.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. Going to check out your review. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH.

  3. Hi.. have just found your blog and I'm your newest liker! Come and visit my blog I'd love to hear from you!
    I love this book and the importance it places on wives supporting their husbands and children in prayer. God Bless.