Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Tuesday-January 2010 List

154. Flies!
155. Common ties of blood
156. Meaningful time together with family
157. Relaxing by the quiet river
158. The inspiration of a friend
159. Christian accountability
160. Challenging marriage message through film
161. Time by myself to unwind
162. Brothers spending time together
163. Technological marvels... mobiles!
164. Setting goals for 2010
165. Memorising the Word
166. Being strong in conviction
167. Friends who share the faith
168. The passion of fledgling faith
169. Well loved resources lent to friend
170. Loving, devoted family
171. Your Word changing my family
172. Writing old fashioned letters by hand
173. Love letters
174. 10 minute oven cookies
175. % off after Christmas sales
180. Husband's unwavering love
181. Getting to know church family
182. The challenge and joy of serving
183. Email reminders from thoughtful friends
184. Music ministry


  1. Wonderful list ;o)
    Be blessed today!

  2. it is such a good exerciser to be grateful and to record it.

    thanks for the reminder.

    Glenda (your new follower.) :-)

  3. No way, get flies off the list! Flies are mean, they are horrible, they are bullies!

    Loving the rest of the list though :)

  4. hehehe I'm just thankful for when you have them you sort of remember that you don't always have them... if that makes sense...