Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coming to terms with decluttering

So there are a lot of changes and potential changes happening in our lives at the moment, and Awesome and I have been talking a lot about the amount of stuff we have and the fact that we are almost at a limit of the stuff we can put into our apartment right now.

We have put a hold on bringing new items into the apartment for the last few months and we have been seriously questioning the validity of each item in our home. Almost every cupboard has been gone through and items have been pared back until we have just the things we need. We have sold some appliances and a tea set we never used and didn't really love.  |

We have a few pockets of shelf space opening up which has helped us to clear up the areas where things get dumped in the house. But the interesting thing is that now that we have the space, we still don't have the burning desire to bring anything new into the house.

This fascinates me - we have reached a point in our lives where we are content with using what we have and we don't really need anything else. We have no plans to buy anything new for the house, or more clothes or games. We are simply replacing things as they break or wear out.

The only thing that we purchase regularly is books. We are big readers (Awesome more so than me) and we love books. Awesome now has a kindle which has saved us (and will continue to save us) countless shelves over the coming years as he reads 1-3 books a week. I have also got an ereader now and have been visiting the library lately. Even though we pay for online books, we don't have to worry about the space any more.

Its a very strange feeling to not really want anything much. At the very least it is helping us to reach our savings goal for the year.

How do you feel about stuff? Do you have a running list of things you need/want to purchase for your home or life? 


  1. We're definitely close to the limit of things we can buy for our place. Some things we bought when we first moved in (or had on our wedding registry) I definitely thought would be used, and are actually still in their original packaging. It would be sensible to sell, but it's hard because I think it might be worth keeping "just in case...".

    My iPad has at least helped with the number of books and movies/tv shows I bring into the house though.

  2. Lozzz - its the dilemma about the "just in case" that gets me too. We will one day want new cutlery. But we received 3 full sets for our wedding (each were 8-piece settings!) and if the average cutlery set took you 20 years to loose bits and grow tired of, that means we won't open the 3rd box til we are 64. How many times am I going to move until then...?? Very tricky because I can't quite bring myself to get rid of it... !