Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Update

How is it possible that February is here already? Time for a quick update on all things LordGirl.

My Mission Statement.  I have tried to review this each week. So far I have been feeling like my relationship with God and my marriage are areas that are tracking well as I have poured the time I have had into them. Work is going well, praying each day for safety and calmness has been a learning curve as there have been days that haven't turned out like that at all! But my attitude and how I have handled myself has really improved and I have even done a lot better at watching my tongue.
My commitment to prayer is going well. I have been writing down prayer points for people who need or ask for prayer and have been following through with letting them know I'm praying most of the time. I have been very blessed to have some beautiful friends offer to pray for me while I have had some 'big' stuff going on in my family life.
Physical, Household and Personal development areas were going well at the beginning of the year when I was on holidays from my extra-curricular activities. But as soon at things got busy, my routine started to slip. My first method to fix is going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking early for my bible study and prayer time. This last week has thrown my routine out and I realise its only me that can fight to change it back.

The Year of Intentional is proving difficult. I am slow to change and I need God's press on my heart each day to help me to think outside myself and my slavish desires. This week I want to take each day one at a time and take a few moments to let someone in my life know that I am thinking of them and praying for them.

2012:366 Photo-a-day project. I have struggled with this one this last few weeks. Awesome has started a photo a day project based on his hobby which means I am no longer carying the camera on me regularly, which has meant that I've forgotten to take some photos. So I am going to use the February photo challenge at Fat Mom Slim to get me back on track.

Overall, I am learning that being intentional is not easy. It's shaping. Slowly melting away the lazy and hard parts making the change difficult. It takes effort and work and pushing myself to do things that scare me everyday. February promises more of the same and I am blessed everyday to be able to get up and work on living for Jesus daily.

How is your February going? Are you still working on the goals you had earlier in the year?


  1. I am on track this month, ticking some boxes that really needed to be ticked and I am feeling good about it. Isn't it a great feeling?!

  2. I didn't actually set any goals... as in, I didn't write any down! Perhaps I should start now... I definitely want to continue to improve my personal quiet time and prayer/bible reading with my husband. We're moving house so I also have a lot of goals when the move happens... like a vegie patch, decorating our home on a budget and getting ready for baby #2! I think I could create that list! :) Thanks for spurring me on and congratulations on keeping to your goal plan thus far!