Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Habits

As the New Year clicks over, most of us are aiming for something more. To improve in some way over the previous year. To pick apart the year that was, and focus on what could change and what could be different. 

For me, I am feeling pretty content about 2011. It was a hard year in some ways, particularly at the 'work' end of the work/life balance, but in other ways, it was pretty good. 

I worked harder on cleaning the house. I made (a little) progress in the weight loss department. I read some books. I spent less time on facebook. We saved some $$ and reached the savings goals we set last year. I completed my first mini-mini-mini-triathlon. Our marriage has continued to improve and flourish, through prayer and time together at home. Our relationships in our church community have continued to grow, and we have been intentional in the time we have spent with people. 

I didn't blitz every area of my goals like I thought I would this time last year. But I started. And I'm happy with my progress so far. 

For 2012, I'm keeping it simple, just a continuation of what I am working on.  

Read my Bible and pray everyday; I started a new and very simple system based on my previous systems. I'll post more about this later.

Keeping up with daily system of cleaning and time management (I use Flylady); I have been on-again, off-again throughout the year with this, but when I use the system the house and my organisation just flows. Consistency is the key for me. 

Complete a cert at TAFE to extend my skills; I've been wanting to do this for a while. Please don't point out that I'd be halfway through by now if I'd called that chick back about enrollment last year... 

Finish reading all the books I own that I have never read (continuation of last year's goal); I have about 20 books I have discovered in my book case during a recent tidy up that deserve a read. This will also save me money in not buying anything new until I have read what I have!

Take a photo a day; I'm started a year-long photo project to document my 2012. You can find it here, or hit the 2012:366 tab at the top of this page and follow the link. 

Save $15000; this is our projected savings if we don't touch our weekly savings at all this year. Anything extra on this would be a bonus. Too often we save for a couple of weeks only to have to raid the savings account to cover a large bill, undoing our savings efforts.  

Be intentional in our time spent in our church community; we have been working on spending time with different groups of people at church throughout 2011. This is an area of difficultly for us as Awesome and I have very different ideas of what it is to be involved in the community. We have worked long and hard at finding compromise that puts our marriage first and still helps to love others faithfully. We've had some gold moments this year, but also some failures. There is plenty to improve. One thing I would like to work further one is increasing our hospitality in our own home. 

Here's to a 2012 filled with just doing what we are already doing, but doing more of it! 

Lord Girl