Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tied Black Rubbish Bag Isolated On White Background It was going to be 5minute blocks to sort a pile of papers to try and find my marriage certificate (I know, I know).  It turned into a 4 hour Declutterthon.

The rollerblades are gone. Ok, well they are going. Have taken photos for ebay etc etc. Also going is the dehydrator (yes, at some stage I thought that that was a good idea) and some PC games of Awesome's that he no longer wants. A big stack of craft stuff is going too.
An entire drawer in the filing cabinet is empty and all the remaining files are resorted. And its all thanks to the $19 Paper Shredder that I picked up from Kmart this afternoon. 

I didn't mean it to go on so long, but once I had the bug, I couldn't stop! Each area that I cleaned made the area next to it look like it needed a little work...

In the end I managed to cross a large number of jobs off the list that I hadn't actually put on the list yet...

... and I still didn't find the marriage certificate.

Ever taken on a job and had it turn into something else entirely? 


  1. Hmmm I'm hoping my mum has my marriage certificate as I'm not entire sure where it would be otherwise... oops!

  2. Yeah its a pain for work as its the only proof I have that I changed my name (for certifications etc) I have the decorative one, but not the one that I paid like... $$50 or something for - the official births, deaths, marriages one :( grrrr... really don't want to pay for it again..!