Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being Prayed For

Its always nice to know that you are being prayed for. God hears and works through our prayers.

Tonight, Awesome and I are babysitting our friend's gorgeous boys. We love hanging out with the boys, who are 6 and 2. We've been babysitting them a couple of times a year since Mr. 6 was 18 months old. As there are usually gaps between visits, we have the pleasure of seeing giant leaps in their development each time we see them.

Tonight was a fantastic night, lots of laughter, crashing things around (as boys are wont to do!) and just a little wheedling to try and get out of bedtime ;). We are always impressed with the boys behaviour, they are incredible, polite little guys who know their routine and are never any trouble (for us at least!).

The wedding picture Mr. 6 has on display
At bed time, Mr. 6 took pride in showing us his treasures collected since our last visit. On a pinboard was some flyers about mission work in Nepal and a photo of Awesome and I from our wedding.

"I've been praying for you." Mr. 6 said.

We didn't know what to say. The children I work with are mostly not from Christian homes. Awesome hasn't spent a great deal of time with young children in the last few years. That a 6 year old whom we love and love to hang out with, would be praying for us, well, it came as a bit of a delightful shock!

We give credit to his fantastic parents and the way they have really worked to instill a sense of caring for others in their boys. Its wonderful to know we hold such a special place in Mr. 6's life, just as he does in ours.

Praying for you too little buddy!

{Its currently 9:30pm and Mr. 6 has just got up for the second time, which hasn't happened before when we have visited. He's agreed to go to sleep now but we'll see. Starting to get an idea of the bedtime struggle that some parents deal with regularly!}


  1. They are cuties! One of my most treasured moments ever was when Miss 2 said her first prayer. I'll cherish it forever.
    P.S. I awarded you the Liebster award, check it out

  2. awwww....i've only just stumbled across this via the Liebster award (thanks Katie). Now i'm getting all guys are special to this family too xxx

  3. sample prayer for you guys tonight "i pray that G & S live a happy life together in their home" ... xxx