Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dear Awesome,

Here is what I like about you:

  • You make me laugh even when I don't think your jokes are funny
  • Even though we look to others like we are annoyed with each other all the time, I know that has mainly to do with not enough coffee in your day and we are not like that all the time. 
  • You are a man of the Word and your faith sometimes holds mine up. 
  • You are cheeky. Just like, all the time. 
  • You are strong and can move many heavy things, but you are always gentle with me.
  • You are talented. Your brain works fast and you figure things out. 
  • You will dance with me at weddings. 
  • You hang up the bathroom floor mat every time. Sometimes when I still need it. Twice. 
  • You meet me out the back of the house to bring the shopping in so I don't hurt my back. 
  • You looooove to read. 
  • You can deal with my strange aversions to things like the feel of bananas, the feel of wool, the feel of soggy cereal... you were made to marry someone with sensory avoidance. 
  • You take out the garbage every single time. Without asking. 
  • You have completely changed the way you view your social time with others to meet my need to spend time with others. 
  • You think toast and peanut butter is a meal. 
  • You need 5 alarms to wake up in the morning, but it only takes me to say "Good Morning" and you wake up and look for me. 
  • You kiss me and tell me you love me everyday. Even when you're annoyed with me. 
  • You dream big and you take me along with you.
  • You trust God with our today and our future. 
Happy Third Anniversary my Love. 


  1. Aww what a beautiful gift to your husband. Happy Anniversary Glenda! Hope you have a lovely day x

  2. Very sweet. Have a great anniversary and may the list keep growing every year! :)

  3. thats so so sweet Glenda- i'm getting all teared up xx