Friday, September 16, 2011

Gonna Walk All Over You!

Walking Technique

I got walking back!
My physio has cleared me for regular walking again :) Grass/soft surfaces only, but it is very exciting to be able to do some more practical exercise again. Sadly the MRI on my back showed the beginnings of arthritis in some of my facet joints which means that my 'career' in running is over :(  But being able to go for walks again is very encouraging and will hopefully help with the weight loss.

Some funky sites/tools to use for walking

I don't own a pedometer (I'd really like one though - the weight watchers one looks goood!), so these tools would be useful in helping me track my walks for distance. - members upload local walks though Googlemaps. I already found some great walks in our area I'd forgotten about.  - set up a profile and record your walk routes and distances. Also contains healthy eating/weightloss tools

These sites also have iphone/android apps which would be extremely helpful. If I had an iphone phone (I lost mine a week ago...)

These boots are made for walkin' that's what they're gonna do!

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  1. Hi mate - have a look at too

    I have an Omron pedometer and it is really good - highly recommended. I actually have a discount voucher so I will bring it tonight :)