Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting It Done Gently Week 5 Wrap-up

So I am half-way through my 10 week challenge to loose the excess weight I have been carrying.

I think I might need to extend this challenge!

Things are moving in the right direction though. I joined Weight Watchers a month ago and have been hard at work trying to figure out how many 'points' my food intake is each day. So far so good.

Last night's weigh was the true test - I had been struggling to get started with only small losses and even a tiny gain. I just wanted to loose one kg. Just one! I was thrilled when the lady told me I had lost 1.3kg!  [insert happy dance here]. This is possible! I can do this!

I have a bit more than 5 weeks to go on their plan (try 9!) so I weigh in each week and post my results. For some inspiration - why not check out The Imperfect Housewife's post on the same subject - what awesome work!


  1. Good on you! Hard though, isn't it? Just want to encourage you to keep at it- some days I want to give up :) I'm finding weight watchers an invaluable weight loss tool, it has really helped me with 'portion control'. Though I too took a little while to get my head around the points system but now I know a lot in my head and don't need to look everything up.
    Are you doing it online or going to meetings? I've never heard what the meetings are like... I am a bit curious.
    Looking forward to your next post :)

    P.S. This post has encouraged me... there are some really really tempting home-made anzac biscuits on the counter but NO, I am resisting. Thanks Lord Girl :)

  2. 1.3kg!!! That's awesome! This IS possible and you CAN do it!

  3. That's so awesome!!!!!!! Keep it up!!! You know you can do it!!! :)