Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting it Done. Gently. The Starting Line

The Gritty Details

Start Weight: (gulp) 80.3kg
Waist: 103
Daily calorie target: 1200-1400cal
Daily exercise target: 30 minute moderate plus stretches

Right so there you have it, a very embarrassing look at, well me! And no, I'm not sticking my stomach out on purpose. The keen eye can probably see that my lower back and butt are underdeveloped from a muscular point of view - that's because of the pain I have all the time, I hold myself funny. So the muscles in my core are very weak at the moment too. With the physio's help we are trying to build this up.

There you have it. Let's see what 10 weeks of concentrating can do!!


  1. I think you look beautiful Glenda! Good luck with your plan xx Mim

  2. I agree, you're gorgeous the way you are. But it's important to feel good too, so good on you! Sounds like the physio you are seeing is really helpful and is trying to fix the problem, not just provide bandaid solutions. Yay!

  3. Thanks girls. I really do want to get fitter to help with my health. The reality is I'm lazy! If it wasn't for the back and hormone problems I probably wouldn't bother. I like chocolate too much!