Saturday, July 30, 2011

Loosing weight the gentle way

Spring is almost here and there is work to be done!
Not just any kind of work, weight loss work!

Currently my back is giving me serious issues. I have disc issues in L3, L4 and mainly L5/S1. For the last two months I have done no exercise at all other than those that my physio has recommended. It has not been good on the weight loss front. But I am determined to start august differently.

Want to join me?

I'm taking the next 10 weeks to kickstart my sluggish metabolism again. Working on the dietary recommendations from the dietician I saw last year, working with my physio to build my physical health and prevent further back damage.

I am very limited in what physical movement, but given that I haven't been doing everything that I could be to keep my body healthy food wise, there is lots to be done there.

So what is my plan?

I'm using calorie king's 10week calorie counter book. There is an online program www.calorie where you can enter all your food online. I have used the online version before but found it too hard to remember what I'd eaten at the end of the day. The booklet set me back$4.95 and I can carry it everywhere. Bargain.

Week 1 I will not make drastic changes to my diet for week one. I will simply record what I would normally eat. This is an important step as I need to make sure that I have a clear picture of where the major problem areas and times of the day are for me so that I combat them effectively. This might seem like a strange way to start a health plan, but you can not fix what you do not understand.

I am aiming to do my pilates based physio stretches (20mins) each day and cycle for 10minutes a day for the first week as per the physio's recommendation. As my strength builds and pain subsides in my back, the physio will add more exercise to my routine. I will be allowed to start running again when I can arch backwards without pain (had no idea that you were supposed to be able to do that without pain!).

Each Monday I will update my blog with my fitness update and progress in exercises. If you want to join me you can link up to your blog or leave your stats in the comments section. We are going to make some gentle changes :) We are not going for crazy, hard to stick to diets, or out of control exercise plans. They can be great and they can work, but for me right now, I can't sit or stand for 10minutes wihtout pain, so let's start gentle. Attainable.

It doesn't matter what plan you use, as long as you are happy with the method and can commit to 10 weeks concentrating on sticking to it!

This Monday I will put up:
my start weight
My goal weight
My current measurements for bust, waist, hips, thighs and arms
Maybe even a 'before' photo!

Feel free to only write up what it is that you feel comfortable with.

It might be as simple as, I'm going to walk for 20minutes twice this week.

Have a think and on Monday, be ready to join me with your goals. We are going to make gentle changes that work!


  1. I'm in! Sounds good - always better to work on this sort of thing with others! :)

  2. So sorry to hear your back is preventing you from being able to excerise the way you want. So frustrating! Starting back slowly sounds like the way to go.

    P.S Arching backwards is overrated ;)