Sunday, June 5, 2011

From the Recipe

Dear Readers, 

What kind of cook are you? 

Are you a peel and press, microwave-loving kind of person?

An exact-measurement-to-the-letter chef?

A we'll-just-chuck-it-in-and-see-how-it-goes type?

I am of the latter variety. I love to look at a bunch of ingredients at the last minute and make it up as I go. If I was a cooking show, I'd be Ready, Steady, Cook. And I thought I was pretty good at it. 

But after yet another hmmm.... not so good meal, Awesome pointed out that perhaps it was time for a change in strategy... 

So, I began to look through the 30 or so cookbooks I have on my shelves. I thought about great websites I have read like and who cook and review recipes from cookbooks they come across. 

I'm not aiming to attain their status by any means, but I have decided, that for the next couple of weeks, I will try to plan the majority of our dinner meals at home from cookbooks. And, I thought you might like to join me :) 
My Cookbook Collection

Here's the rules:
- Plan 1-4 meals per week from cookbooks you already own
- Create your shopping list and stick to it
- Cook your meal following the recipe
- Blog your experience and then come back to Eyes Above to share your success (or area of potential growth!!). 

You can blog and post as many meals as you like, but try to aim for at least one meal a week for the month of June. 

I'll be back on Monday to share how I went with my slow cooker Potato Bake recipe!

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