Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No S[ucess]Diet

So I thought I'd try the No S Diet.  Its pretty easy: No snacks, no seconds, no sweets except on days that start with 'S'

It was going very well. Until Awesome dropped home for lunch today and mentioned the packet of choc chip cookies he had in the cupboard.

I knew they were there. I knew they were his. I was avoiding them and do very well at it thank you.

But then... I caved. And I opened the packet.

And I ate... well... ok I'm going to be honest here in the privacy of the World Wide Web... half.the.packet.

That's 11 biscuits for those playing along at home.

For the statisticians among you, I have consumed my entire daily quota of kilojoules in 20 minutes.

That's ridiculous.

I'm calling today Sunday and starting fresh from here on in.  No more.

And instead of going and buying a replacement packet of biscuits and hiding the other packet and pretending that I didn't open them ( not that I have done that in the past or anything...) I will fess up when Awesome gets home and apologise for eating his stash.

I am going to last until Saturday and then I am going to weigh myself and see if four and half days without snacks makes a difference.


  1. LOL. I think I need to do that NO S diet too - except that days starting with S are the worst ones for that for me!

    I think I'm going to start bringing carrots or something to bible study so I'll eat that instead of the delicious delicious chocolate.

  2. Loz - great idea - vegies and fruit for us tomorrow - I'll bring a plate :)