Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Your Exercise Groove On .. When Your Head Says No...

So, how do I get the exercise happening if I can't make myself go to the gym...?

I love Zumba. Unfortunately I have as much trouble getting to Zumba as I have making myself go to the gym... the same anxieties creep in.

While I'm sorting that out, I have been keeping up with Zumba on my computer! Here are a few free Zumba clips that I love.

Shakira's Waka Waka - I love their energy and the song!

One of the original Zumba videos on the web

This one is just Fun!

My other passion at the moment is shadow boxing. I use move I have learnt in boxing class, and from my Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD and pop on music and just make it up. After about 30 minutes I'm exhausted! If I push out to an hour I can get an awesome workout.

The final thing I am doing at the moment is a weekly run with a bunch of girls from my church. Knowing and trusting these awesome chickies makes it much easier to get of the house and get there - for some reason my anxieties really don't come to the fore when church people are involved - I have no idea why!

The important thing for me is to keep moving and trying to loose that weight :)


  1. I love playing tennis. I don't think I avoid exercise for the same reasons as you, but I do avoid it for others and I particularly hate paying to do it like in a gym. I've often wondered though if I did pay would I then do it more. One day when I'm not pregnant and you're not anxious we must play together! It'd be lovely to catch up sometime :) PS I love your blog and wish you posted more.

  2. Excercising at home with DVD is a good idea. I should try that. I do zero exercise, and it is only due to laziness and dislike of physical activity. I have no other excuse. Thank goodness I have a big house that needs tidying and an 18kg boy who needs lots of picking up and cuddling or I would be in a very bad state.

    I agree with Kim, I love your blog and wish you posted more! :)

  3. gotta love a good punch dance ala footloose or billy elliot (or my favourite flight of the conchords: )

    it's a good idea though. i seriously do no exercise except walk to the station. i'll def try to come to that run sunday :)

  4. I love the Shakira song, and I used to absolutely love it at Zumba when I went last year! Thanks for sharing the link Glenda. I too love your blog, so practical and thought provoking :)

  5. Thanks girls :) I can't tell you how encouraging it is to hear from you all!

    Kim - I would love to catch up sometime soon - I've been reading your awesome blog too :)

    Loz - This sunday? You are on girl!

    Donna and Mim - thanks for the encouragement :) I really needed it :)