Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pencil Bag Tutorial

Sometimes you need to write it out. 

You need a place to keep those pesky, roly poly, disappear-y pencils.

You could make one like this...

pick some pencils and cut two pieces of fabric that will be long enough for your pencils. 
hem long edges of each piece, fold top 1cm (1/3 inch) and sew as shown - repeat on other piece

(scuse the red nails - was having a la dee da day!)  pin long edges right side facing  leaving the folded section unpinned.

like so. 

sew all three sides (double stitch for strength)

that top bit is still open...!

turn right side out, thread ribbon through one side of opening and back to the other side

pin ribbon to itself

repeat with second piece of ribbon going the opposite way - it will tie on the other side

like so

ta da!


  1. Cool idea Glenda! Your tutorial makes it seem so easy :)

  2. It was! You are a knitting champion so this should be a walk in the park for you! I have a tendency not to measure things or cut straight though... it can lead me astray. Have a go :)

  3. Very cute! Why do we stop using pencil cases after school anyway? They are a must for any handbag... Maybe if I used one I wouldn't loose so many pens! PS Loved the nails, very hot :)