Monday, March 7, 2011

My Top 5 Tips for Weight Loss

I'm halfway to my goal weight and still have work to do, but here is what is working:

  1. Don't keep junk in the house. At all. Box it up and give it away, its easier not having it around, distracting you.
  2. Change your driving route, park on the other side of the road, catch the bus - do whatever it takes to make sure you no longer just nip into McD's on the way home for a hamburger and fries.
  3. Bring a plate. Offer to bring a plate of food to the party or BBQ, - make it the yummiest, favourite-est, most moorish healthy food you love. Then just eat what you brought. Chances are everyone else will want the chips and dip anyway. 
  4. Do the workout. Don't ditch it. Don't postpone it. You will feel good once you start and better when you finish. Start, then continue. 
  5. Download some great motivation music for your workouts, house cleaning and shopping. Listen to your ipod at the supermarket and you can drown out the annoying ads and music and focus on your pre-prepared-I'm-only-buying-what's-on-this-list-list. 
You CAN do this. (hmmm this is as much for me as for you!)


  1. Great advice, especially the pack-up-all-the-junk and don't have any in the house.

    You know, I've never noticed hearing a single add or music in our local supermarket before (bilo).

  2. Ahhh... thats interesting actually Mim, when I worked in the supermarket I could only ever hear the music in the 1/2 I was there setting up before we opened. But I hear the ads... they are set with louder volume than the music so you pay attention.. perhaps bilo is a more user friends place :)

  3. Congratulations on reaching halfway to your goal weight, what a massive achievement!