Friday, October 1, 2010

Finding my space!

I just finished reading Lessons in Letting Go: Confessions of a hoarder, by Corinne Grant. I thought it was an excellent read and it made me reflect a lot on my habit of "piling not filing".

Earlier today I was revisiting Elisabeth George's Life Management for Busy Women, and I realised that getting half way was not really getting the job done.  My desk had already been 'tidied' and had gone from something like this: 

To something more like this:

I had chucked out all the rubbish but hadn't actually dealt with anything. The desk was still unusable. 

So when I got home today I decided enough was enough. I resorted all the items and made boxes:

1. Things that don't belong in this room and need to be put away (then I walked around with the box and actually put them away!)

2. Things that need to be filed (then I actually filed them!) 

3. Things that needed to be dealt with.

Then I sat down and dealt with the 'deal with' box!

Now my desk looks more like this: 

Sorry about the lack of actual photos, our camera is playing up.

Now I can actually sit at my desk to do my Bible reading in the morning and can use my desk for what its really for! 

What have you recently finished that you have been putting off?

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  1. Aggghhh I do the same thing! I go through a pile and create "File", "Action" and "Rubbish" piles ... then walk away from the job! It's so frustrating. I'm glad that you've broken through ... I'm inspired!