Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Tuesday-January 2010 List

Photo: The Fijian Island of Malolo Lailai

185. Quietness that breeds gratitude
186. Being wise in decisions
187. Contentment in chaos
189. Abundance of food and resources
190. Team hands to help
191. Old books read anew
192. Clear vision and focus
193. A child's eye contact
194. A mother who loves
195. Quiet beauty of a garden
196. Warm breeze
197. Stillness
198. Time to rest with your Word
199. Your timing
200. Ducks
201. The ability to write
202. Summer sounds in the air
203. A new year and fresh start
204. Hungary tummy
205. Beauty in creation
206. Time away with friends
207. Tropical warm water
208. Cold orange juice
209. Warm gritty sand

Its funny, but as I read back over these lists, suddenly I can remember all the things we were doing and even how I was feeling at the time. And I'm thankful all over again.

Its worth doing, this giving back in gratitude...

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