Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Tuesday

I am officially joining the Gratitude Community.

I have been keeping a private thanksgiving journal since October 2009, encouraged to meet Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts challenge. I am finally ready to start sharing and hopefully encourage you to do the same!

I have found it to be such a wonderful practice - even on days when I'm feeling low, sick, hurt... there is still something to be thankful for!  I am currently in the 300's but I thought I would start publishing my list from the beginning. The Gratitude Community blogs on Mondays in US time, but seeing as its already Tuesday here by then - I thought I'd go for Thanksgiving Tuesday - care to join me?

Here are some of my October 2009 thank yous

1. Little girls in party dresses
2. Slow Sunday mornings
3. Twirling
4. Pancakes
5. Folded laundry
6. Married love
7. The harbour at night
8. Caring friends
9. Faithful slippers
10. New life
11. Sunrise
12. Warm bed
13. Morning hugs
14. Church family
15. Sleep
16. Hearing our prayers
17. Brothers by blood and marriage
18. Choc Chip Cookies
19. Christian women who inspire
20. Sick days at home

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Welcome to the gratitude community! May your life be changed forever!
    I join you in gratitude for prayers that are heard and answered, for Christian women who inspire us to be more Christ like, and for pancakes...yummy!
    Sweet and thoughtful list. Will be looking forward to your list each week.

  2. So worthwhile to stop and actually THANK God for everything He blesses us with. I find all too often that I ask for things, then forget to thank Him when he answers my prayer. Keeping a thanksgiving journal sounds like a great way to give credit where credit is due and thank Him who blesses us!

    Mmmmm pancakes ....