Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Spiritual Discipline of Holy Matrimony #2

He is home with the flu. Has been sick for days and I smirk to myself and laugh that I have been going to work for two weeks with the same symptoms but "man flu" always strikes hard!

But then I came home today and for some reason I just felt off kilter, tired and cranky. And instead of laughing at me, Mr. Lord convinced me to go to bed and have a sleep (which sadly only made things worse), then ran a bath for me, brought me panadol and gave me a hug...

I kind of felt a bit sheepish.

We are often so quick to judge our men, to make fun of them and to cut them down when we think they are getting too big for their boots. But perhaps Mr. L was just giving me some of the same attention that he was really longing for? Perhaps I need to focus on the wonderful loving things my husband does for me each day (like not stealing all the blankets, taking out the rubbish without asking, washing up, keeping his things tidy...). He is not perfect - neither am I, but if we can't take these moments to support and value one another, our marriage will be so very shallow.

He so readily shows his love for me, not always "my way" but the nest way he knows how. How often do I show the respect he so badly needs?

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.~ Ephesians 5:3

Today, whether married or single, focus on observing and acknowledging the ways that men around you do support, love and serve you, and thank God for them! Ask that God would continue to give you the strength to respect those men in your family, community and beyond - and in so doing have them turn and glorify God for the women in their lives!

This post is linked up for the Walk With Him Wednesday's series on the Spiritual Discipline of Holy Matrimony.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder - it's great to joke around and have a tease (can't help it, we're Australian!), but in all things our husbands deserve respect and this should be given first and foremost. Why would our husbands want to step up and lead us if we aren't treating them with respect?