Saturday, March 21, 2009

Organisational Nightmares

I am a right brainer. I am one of those people for whom logic is what you call those puzzles in the newspapers, not something you use on a day to day basis. I make decisions based on feelings rather than fact, manage by trust and expectation rather than edict, get distracted in the middle of things and always try to do more than one thing at a time.

As I've got older and have more responsibility and tasks to achieve, my right brainedness (or right brainedmess as some would probably call it) has been at the forefront of the difficulties I have in my work and home life. It seems that since I moved out of home some years ago, I have been surrounded mostly by left brainers, particularly those who do not have even a clue that there are right brainers on the planet!

I am living in a world that requires organisation, deadlines, priorities, and plans. In my head is a world of notions, half-baked ideas and a love of changing thought patterns every few minutes. ... actually in the middle of that sentence I checked my bank balance and updated my facebook status...

I am trying to be organised. I have all the gear, planners, books, noteboards, highlighter pens and postit notes. I have read books on Organisation for the Creative Person and Time Management for the creative person (Creativelee Speaking). And they were helpful, its all very helpful. And I do things in creative ways that achieve the same result as my left brain partner, friends and family.

My house has boxes, bowls and jars for items you might not think are decorative. Like a large coffee jar with no lid which I use as a store-all for all my paints and brushes. Or the back of the door in the spare room which has coathangers with all my hair ribbons and headscarves pegged on it for ease of choice.

There are very leftbrained sections of my home. Like the shoe rack and boxes for my 'special shoes' and the rack with handbags and hats organised by size.

I menu plan weekly with my husband to avoid overspending, carry a household notebook with budgets, shopping lists, rosters, calendars and Bible verses that inspire me.

In one sense I am an organisational over-achiever! But I find that if I don't have these measures in place I will simple fail to achieve all the tasks I need to to have a balanced brain.
I still slip, probably multiple times a day, and become side-tracked in my own little world of lovely right-brained funness. But I am trying to keep my mind disciplined and hopefully, I will develop the ability to scuttle between the two without loosing my unique and creative passion for life.

Over the next week I will be holding Right Brainer Gets Organised Week. I will post picture of my organisational systems around the home. Hopefully I will help some other Righties out there who struggle to function in a left brained working world!

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