Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

I am a morning person. As soon as the sun comes up, I begin to ease out of my light sleep, and start to think. Once I start thinking conciously, I am done for. I will be unable to fully get back to sleep. I can lie there for a while but its really quite pointless as I am a restless person and have a drive to start getting things done from the moment I wake.

My darling husband of just 42 days is a very heavy sleeper by way of contrast. He grew up on a main road in a very busy part of the suburb he is from and has the ability to sleep through just about anything. I realised last night that me pushing him to lie on his side, to prevent his snoring from waking me actually doesn't even register for him. He just doesn't even remember it. But I can recall every time he has bumped or elbowed me awake!

When I wake in the morning, I am awake. I think clearly almost instantly, start planning, make lists in my head, make decisions and start to feel hungry. My husband takes some time to wake up fully, up to three hours in my opinion, sometimes longer. He can function and go to work etc, but his mind really doesn't start firing up for some time. At night however, as I fade over a period of hours into a useless mess, he gets brighter and brighter, and can out stay me for hours.

I have decided that neither of us is more efficient than the other, we are just efficient in different ways. A list of tasks left for him in the morning is not even noticed, but at night he will complete everything with relish.

I am loving this time of exploring the differences between us and how God can use them to make us even more useful for His purpose, and grow even more love between us.

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