Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 Quick Updates

  1. I'm joining the Making Your Home a Haven 31 Day Fall Challenge at Women Living Well. It's spring here but any time of year is a good time for a peaceful home! Are you distant or engaged? i did this challenge last year and really enjoyed it. My candle is lit! Check out the link for more.
  2. Do you use Google Chrome? I discovered that you can visit the Chrome app store and choose from 100's of free apps for making your life easier. My favourite is the timer/stopwatch by zeemind. I set both - the timer for 20 minutes of folding the washing (cause who wants to do longer than that?) and then also start the stopwatch to time how long it actually takes. You will be surprised. 
  3. Weight update: The kgs are starting to slowly go, but I'm my own worst enemy by not exercising self-control. Its a daily battle but its heading in the right direction!
  4. This week, Australia announced a plan to open all roles within the Australian Defence Force to women, including combat front line. I'm really conflicted about this. It sounds great in theory, but will the reality be something we really accept? There are pros and cons. I want to think this through some more. 

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