Sunday, June 19, 2011

From the Recipe: Slow Cooker Potato Bake Review

Cookbook: Australian Women's Weekly Slow Cooking

Recipe: Potato Bake
Method: A simple potato bake flavoured with dijon mustard and chicken soup mix. 
Prep Time: I measured out all the ingredients, cut up the leek and bacon and left everything out on the bench for Awesome to put in the slow cooker. Unfortunately it took about and hour to cut up the potatoes apparently so the prep time took longer than an ordinary oven potato bake... 

Cooking time: Our slow cooker is ... slow... meaning that I add 2 hours cooking time to every recipe, and most things are only just cooked at that point!  This dish should have been 4 hours but was still a little crunchy in the potato domain at 6 hours. I think I used the 'wrong' kind of potatoes (I don't know much about potatoes...) so my own tip would be to slightly pre-boil the potatoes... or otherwise leave the cooker on longer. There was enough liquid still in the mix to make it work. 

Verdict: The cooking to a recipe thing was actually counter-intuitive for me... I felt as though I could have tweaked this recipe to make it easier to cook. Having said that, the flavour was amazing and much tastier than most things I prepare (as Awesome likes mainly plain foods.)  
We liked this and would make it again, but even though I halved the recipe (and yes, still had to increase the cooking time!) there was way more than we could eat. So I would use this a s a side dish for guests rather than a main for us. 

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