Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Opposites Attract: Separate Holidays


March is always one of the busiest months in my work. Things never slow down until April fades into May. I look forward to Easter break every year for a couple of days to relax and just be. 
I love to spend time with my family and friends. I'm a people person and a few days chatting, eating and hanging out is like a recharge for me, so I try to get away every Easter for a short break with friends or family. 

Enter Awesome.

Awesome's idea of a great long weekend is hanging at home getting some stuff completed and perhaps meeting up for a game with some mates. 

So for the last few Easters... we've had 'separate holidays'. It sounds a bit sinister. It sounds a bit like this: 

But it actually works. I get time to visit family and friends and to go fill up my days with chatting and visiting and Awesome gets peace and quiet and time to concentrate. 

Does it work for everyone? Probably not.
Is it a chance to get away and talk negatively about your husband and everything that bugs you? I used to think so, and coming back from a break like this led to feelings of resentment and fight-picking. But nowadays   I have adjusted my attitude to complaining and find that I miss Awesome and look forward to coming home and seeing him!
Will we always holiday like this?  No. We don't right now either. We are in a position of only being able to take short breaks at a time with our work, so we have most of these together in a year (2 weeks or so a year). We also each go away on a separate men's/women's conference each year, giving the other a few days at home. Other than those conferences and Easter, the rest of our holidays are spent together. We probably won't always do this, especially if we have children later on, but for now it works very well. 

For us, it is a chance to recharge in the ways that suit us best without one of us having to compromise - or both. Because we are polar opposites in everything, we compromise... all the time! That's ok, but it is nice to sometimes have time to do what works best for each of us, so that we can give each other a more balanced version of ourselves!

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