Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project:Simplify - Master Closet Results

Ahh... but you will say "Girl, you do not have many clothes!"

And I will say: "That is because some are on the bed..."

"And on the floor in the other room..."

"And on these here shelves"

"And mostly because this is only my clothes, and Awesome has his own closet in the Man Cave."

"Right" You will say. "That is a mess. You had better get to work."

And I will agree and get cracking on the challenge set up here:

And it will be a couple of hours, because I become distracted with finding my colours and generally interrupting myself with other jobs like making my own washing powder... 

BUT THEN, I will finish. One double wardrobe and 5 drawers later.... here are some of the highlights:

The neatness of shoes and threw out 3.5 pairs of shoes (yes, 3.5)

Turns out I only have one belt out of 10 that will ever come close to going around me again... 

Every earring has a pair, every necklace is knot-less and clean, every section of the jewellery hangers are colour and style coded... the clothes are organised by type and length... oh yes, a day at home can be well spent! 

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