Monday, October 4, 2010

Today is week 1 of the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

Here is the challenge from Courtney's blog: Go buy an extra large candle and light a candle everyday in your home.  Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home

In Courtney's post, she speaks of the 'slow pace' we are to create in our home.  I nearly fell off my chair. Our home is far from slow-paced! 

Today is a public holiday in our city and rather than lounging round, I was up early (thanks to daylight savings!) and made a long list of things to be done today. I set about doing them, and when I had run out of tasks I could do on my own, I woke my husband and enlisted his help (and in reality I could have done those things by myself too!). THEN, after all that was done I sat down and too exhausted to finish the last two tasks, allowed my husband to finish them for me!  Hardly the restful, content woman I want to be for him! 

So I have lit my candle, and while he is out, I will try to finish a few more things so that when he comes home we can spend time together, and just rest! My prayer is to be a source of rest for my household, not the generator of stress!

Are you lighting a candle today? What will your prayer be?   


  1. I am participating too. I am praying to keep my patience during the day and set a peaceful atmosphere in our home. I am homeschooling my children so we are home all day.

  2. I love that phrase - a source of rest, not a generator of stress. That is something of worth to strive for. I think I may need to work on that second part myself. (My husband and I are older - rest just comes naturally for us.)

    I am so glad to take part in this challenge from Women Living Well. I get to meet and be inspired by women like you. I'm the link with the Dean Martin Picture if you'd like to stop by.

  3. So true! We all need that rest and home is the best place to have peace if we can.

    I'm so excited about this challenge. :)

    Great to meet you!

  4. THanks for the suggestion Glenda. I have so many candles and really only use them in blackouts or during dinner. I'm going to go light one now and pray for peace in our household! Often I am tentative about lighting a candle during the day with a 3yr old boy running around... could be dangerous, but today he is out bushwalking with daddy.
    Glad to see a few more posts this week. I like your blog :)

  5. Amen sister! We have such an impact on the atmosphere in the home don't we? I commend you for recognizing the need for rest and pray that you are blessed beyond measure as you seek God's direction!

    Many Blessings,