Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fitness Update!

Here is an update! 

I have been working out as part of a group fitness program for 6 weeks now. 

I have just started to loose some weight (now 2kgs from the beginning of the challenge - which isn't a lot, but given everything going on with my family and the addition of PCOS, its pretty good start!) - but I have lost cm everywhere!! I will have my half way measurements to post shortly. 

I have been enjoying getting out in the mornings and doing new things like boxing (sooo hard but great!) and fitball (hilarious!) as well as lots of cardio/running and interval training.

Here is this week's fitness plan:

- Monday 6am Strength/Boxing
- Tuesday 5:45am Cardio/Outdoor Interval Training
- Wednesday Rest Day
- Thursday 6am Fitball/Core and Stretch
- Friday 6am Shunt Cardio/Weights 6:30pm Zumba Class (I did this with friends a few weeks ago and loved it!)
- Saturday 6:15 am (90 mins) Outdoor Boot Camp 9am Dance Teaching (2.5 hours)
- Sunday Rest/Quiet walk

Hmm... looks from that like I'm some fitness nut gym junkie! Not the case. I am usually always last in the running, shuffling along at the end of the line. Back row struggling to figure out the coordination! I have always danced but these movements are all so different to dancing!! The biggest thing is that I am enjoying it! Even the hard stuff. I'm loving being outside and pushing myself.  

So what am I working towards?  Well... there are a number of things:

1. Stabilising my weight:
I have let my weight fluctuate dramatically over the last 5 years and its wrecked havoc on my health and PCOS symptoms. 

2005: 60.5kg
2006: 70kg
2007: 78kg
2008: worked to bring back to 72kg in time for...
2009: Wedding weight 72kg
2010: July - heaviest ever weight of 83.5kg

As a percentage of my lightest adult weight - I put on over 30% body weight in 2 years. The effects of this have been enormous. My PCOS symptoms have become more pronounced, and I am a very good candidate for Type 2 Diabetes right now. But its not about getting back to my 2005 weight.
At 60.5kg, for my height, I was quite underweight and suffered low blood pressure, dizziness, headaches and constant muscular and back pain as I had very little muscle to protect my skinny frame (and at the time I thought I was huge!! Isn't silly how we berate ourselves!). So I have no desire to be back to that unrealistic weight. 72kg is my current goal and one that I will be able to maintain. 

2. Honour my husband by being the woman he fell in love with.
Now, before I get flamed for that sentence, can I please point out, that my husband loves me even more today than he ever has. He has always been 100% supportive and appreciative of my no matter what the size or shape of my body and he has seen me at every weight above. He has never 'weighed in' on what weight I should be, but supports my goal to be healthier to support my PCOS and to hopefully avoid a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. I want to honour him by having the energy and vitality that I had when I was not overweight.  

3. Lessen the symptoms of PCOS and infertility
Its not something I blog about much, but one of the effects of the PCOS has been infertility.  Along with trusting that God has a plan for our family, I have been pursuing the 'natural' methods of dealing with PCOS such as cleaning up my diet, eating more LowGI wholefoods and loosing weight. I am hoping this will also help with cycle regularity and hirscitism. 

So... I don't want to look like this: 

At my heaviest

At my skinniest (58.5kg in 2003)

But healthy like this:

At our wedding!

I am going to slog it out hard over the last 5 weeks of the challenge and I will post a photo of my progress!


  1. Go you, Glenda!!! :)
    I think you look gorgeous in all three photos.

    I should probably look into changing my diet and doing more (some!!!) excercise also, to see if that helps me. You know, I don't even own a set of scales and wouldn't have a clue how much I weigh. Might get on to that.

  2. Hey Mim :) Thanks for the encouragement!

    Scales are worthwhile for tracking the weight (I have a $30 set from BigW), but what is cheaper and more effective is a tape measure. Have Michael measure you on the first of every month. It is a much more effective way to see change and costs practically nothing!
    hmmm I better go to bed so I can get up and train in the morning!
    G :)

  3. wow Glenda - you're very dedicated with all that exercise!! good on you girl - thats wonderful :-)
    glad too you're aiming for a healthy weight xx

  4. I was about to write a post about my weight/fitness struggles, but decided to catch up on my blog reading. (Look at that, I even find excuses not to write about working out!) I was happy to see another blogger talking about fitness and I love that you have a very clear plan! I need someone to motivate me, so please do keep us updated. Good luck!