Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nourish: favourite places for good mood food

Here are some of the places I regularly visit for good food ideas and recipes

Taste Website Australia: thousands of searchable recipes from recipe magazines. This website has got me out of trouble on more than one occasion! (Plus the measurements are all metric which eliminates having to have the converter website open on the computer).

Keeper of the Home: I am a better cook and budgeter for the information I have learned from Stephanie's website and ebooks. It was tripping across this blog while searching for information on PCOS that got me into real food, healthier eating and blogging!

Passionate Homemaking: Lindsay's recipe section is full of tempting recipes and her techniques

Naturally Knocked Up: For lots of info and ideas on a more natural and health friendly diet. Donielle has battled PCOS too so she's a "cyster"!

Jamie Oliver's Website: I am blessed to own two of his beuatiful cook books and I LOVE what he is doing with his Food Revolution campaign. I love that he will freely give away so many recipes just because he is passionate about people eating well.

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