Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thinking Back...

This is a repost of an earlier post I have written. I mostly reposted it to help me reflect on the stillness that I so enjoyed and that has helped me to improve my marriage, service, work and sense of balance this year... because the next few weeks are threatening to tip that balance back out the window with many, many work commitments. 

Praying that you also find some stillness in your balance this week. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New-Found Stillness

I am learning during a very busy first year of marriage, that there is really no rush. No sense in being busy. It helps no one to be short tempered, stressed and worried. And I forget too many things when I am doing everything at once. Especially at work.

So, I am trying to go a little slower, wake a little earlier, pray, read, think, breathe.

If I'm eating, I'm eating. Walking, I'm walking. Talking on the telephone, without doing anything else. Trying to be less distracted.

And I've noticed its working. I am finishing things, returning phone calls, remembering details, passing them on. Not all the time, but more often.

I have made a quiet time box. I want to be intentional in the time I spend with God and not spend 20 minutes looking for what I need. An old shoe box now contains;
-My Bible
-A notebook for recording things I'm grateful for
-The Power of Praying Through The Bible by Stormie Omartin
-A small photo album containing photographs of each of the family and friends I pray for each day of the week
-A prayer journal
-Pens, paper and bookmarks
-A Woman's Book of Prayers

The box is the perfect size and completely portable, depending on when and where I have my quiet time each day. I am aiming to move towards more consistent times each morning, but shift work makes it tricky.

I am amazed how much I can see God changing my heart already, and I think my countenance at work has improved too!

Looking forward to more times with God in the coming weeks and months.

What helps you with your quiet times?


  1. Your quiet time box sounds excellent, and you have challenged me to do something similar! I tend to approach time with God in a really disorganised way - how rude, like turning up to a work in trakky daks (the kind with elastic around the ankle). Next time you see me, ask me if I've got my box together!

  2. I love that idea about the quiet time box!! Thanks for sharing! :) I'm like Sophie... disorganized :( Perhaps I'll try the box thing, too!