Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Tuesday- November 2009 List

51. Birthday messages
52. Thai dinners
53. Birthday cuddles
54. Movies that make you laugh
55. Sunflowers
56. Air conditioning on hot days
57. Birthday cards from loving aunts
58. Team members who try to see positives
59. Alarm clocks with soft music
60. Hungry tummies that tell us when to eat
61. Opportunities to serve
62. Dirty dishes in the sink
63. Job interviews
64. Unfinished to-do lists
65. Fading flowers
66. Empty lunch box on bench each day
67. Piles of bills to be paid
68. Unmade bed
69. Hungry bellies who love breakfast
70. Tired mind
71. Unfolded laundry
72. Busy schedule
73. Dancing with friends
74. Singning
75. Husband at church
76. Newborn babies safe arrival
77. A gift of new pyjamas
78. Hotel rooms with city views
79. Trains to come home on
80. A brother to rely on
81. Sore feet
82. Tired muscles
83. Lightning
84. Going to the gym
85. The motivation of dresses that don't fit!
86. Making luch for my husband
87. Sleeping next to my best friend
88. Leaking taps
89. Vegemite toast
90. Job interviews

holy experience


  1. You are THANKFUL for dirty dishes in the sink? Agh you are a better woman than I ... or completely crazy! Actually you have a few things in this list that are unusual - I guess it takes extra effort to praise God in all things, just as He calls us to do!

    I love that I can pick the things going on in your life by this list, like Erin's Hen's Night! So cool!

    "Sleeping next to my best friend" ... *sigh* that is so perfect!

    xx Sophie

  2. I'm thankful that I have a husband who usually washes the dishes for me :) And thankful to have nice dishes and yummy food... the dirty part is harder!!

    I am really enjoying going back through these lists - its like memory lane :)

  3. Haha yeah I guess I'm not usually the one who actually washes the dishes up, which I am very thankful for!