Friday, May 7, 2010

What I've been making...

I seem to have more hours in the day for planning sewing projects than I do for sewing them! I have hurt my neck recently and can't spend long periods sewing or typing or sitting really so I have just been planning mostly! As soon as I'm better I'll be blogging my sewing efforts!

Here are a couple of things I have made in the last couple of months that I've been meaning to post!

Baby Blankets

Babies everywhere at the moment and I have been stitching away with some polar fleece blankies.

Patchwork fleecy for baby Ryan, wrapped up (above) and unwrapped (below)
This print was too cute to cut up, so I just stitched the edges (after a very unsuccessful attempt to sew blanket binding around the edge, Awesome said "Just do that stitchy thing you do, it'll be quicker", and it was, only an hour and a half in front of the TV!). This was a remnant that I found at Lincraft in the remnant box, (love that!) and only needed 1/2 for the blanket - all up it cost me about $2.50!

A close up of the stitching around the edges

With Mothers' Day here I thought I'd show you the little purse I made for my Granny.

This is a purse from a pattern in Pip Lincolm's book Meet Me At Mike's. I love this book and have been busy making things from it (I sadly lost the photos of the bird and flower coasters and another purse like this I made for a friend). The fabric was left over from other projects and the button was from a bag of thrifted vintage buttons I bought at a church fete in bowral (bargain - about 50 buttons for 50c!). All up it probably cost less than $2!

There are still many, many things on my to make list.. and I seem to be adding them faster than I am making them. I am getting a little faster at sewing though (although I have to be careful not to go too fast and cut corners!). Here is a skirt I made by adapting this pattern (which I love and will make a shorter version of soon), while Stu was taking a shower before we went out for dinner. Yep, a new skirt in less time than it would take for me to park at the shops!
(sorry about the photo - Awesome was sleeping). The fabric was given to my by my Mum as an off cut of something she was making, the bias binding was also a find in a bag she was getting rid off and the elastic was from the Lincraft remnant box again ($4 for a bag of about 20 pieces of various elastic!) so all up it cost me practically nothing to make! Even if I had bought all the bits myself the skirt probably comes in at under $10. Bargain!

Lovin' my sewing machine! What are you making?


  1. Note the camera strap in the top of the skirt photo - professional eh?!

  2. They all look great Glenda. I looong for space in my little house to be able to leave the sewing machine set up. At the moment with Alex wanting to touch (and break) I can only pull it out when he is sleeping, and then have to stop in the middle of sewing (very frustrating!) and put everything away so he can't touch.
    I am contenting myself with knitting and hand-sewing again. Nearly finished my jumper - half a sleeve to go.
    It's so nice to see your projects, I'd love to see that book you mentioned some time. I have a great little sewing/craft book I think you'd like. Maybe we should do a swap when you've finished making everything in your book :) xx Mim

    PS glad to see you've discovered Soule cool do her books look? I was hoping to get one of them for mothers day... :(

  3. Thanks Mim! My Mum had a rule with her sewing machine - when the cover was on it was a no go zone... having said that she also did most of her sewing at night so maybe she had the same problem!

    I'll definately lend you meet me at mike's some super cute things in there! And I'm loving Soule Mama :) I get so stuck into all these blogs :)

  4. Hey Glenda. I didn't know you blogged or sewed! Your blog is great. I will read more of it when I have time. And your blanket stitching and thrifty sewing is admirable! I am trying to get more into sewing (but time time time). I am making some cot sheets which are going fine. I love the fabric so I hope the baby appreciates it! You are very cool and I'm glad we're friends even if we haven't hung out since we were 18!

  5. Hey Kim :) I just got into your blog :) I'm enjoying it lots! Its weird how time goes so quickly as you get older isn't it? And I barely feel like I've changed!
    Stick some photos of your cot sheets up when they are done - I'd love to see them :)

  6. Next craft day you need to teach me how to do that wool stitching around the polar fleece!

    Ryan's blanket looks awesome! Loving your craftiness.