Thursday, October 29, 2009

Woman of Help

After reading from Elizabeth George this morning, and being challenged to commit to being a helper to my husband and not a hinderance, I went ahead and asked one of the questions that Elizabeth asks her husband everyday.

"What can I do for you today?"

He stopped packing his bag for a moment, frowning, stared at the wall and just as I thought prehaps I'd upset him somehow, he looked up and said...

"I'd like for my wife to get some sleep. It would be good to come home to a rested and less grumpy wife."

Well, that wasn't the reaction I was expecting at all...! God is certainly surprising. Rest is not something I am good at, and with the many issues and dramas happening at work at the moment, I have not been taking care of myself well. I look... well, I look like a zombie! And I feel a bit like one too.

So early to bed tonight (after a dress fitting for my darling friend's wedding).

I wonder how I can honour him tomorrow?

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