Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting Organised

Being right-brained, I dread the thought of traditional to-do lists. Staring at a page of things I know I should be doing seems overwhelming. I struggle to think of where to start, do all the unimportant tasks first and then break big tasks into a million little uncompletable pieces. Its maddening to have almost the same amount of work to do each day without really achieving anything.

I was thinking of doing some research into online to-do lists and free services for organising your life and I tripped across this. No need to reinvent the wheel!

I started out by regisitering to use Remember the Milk. Apart from spending the first couple of minutes using code and reading the help menu, it is off to a successful start and I have already begun on my first task of the day - getting through the enormous pile of washing I have to do!

Last night, while I flaked out on the lounge (still haven't really caught up on sleep yet), my husband went on a little cleaning journey and packed away my craft things, flung all over his computer room as I searched for something in the bottom of the cupboard. I really need to improve the organisation in that area of the house! His effort made me realise just how little I have done this week at home. Work has definitely demanded the best of me, and I'm not happy with that.

So, on to my list goes organisation! You can set priority for tasks, and expected duration (I have 4 hours of tasks listed already - although this includes meeting a friend for coffee). We shall see how just how much time I spend writing tasks into the list compared to actually completing the tasks!

Over the next few days I'll be exploring some other anti to-do list options for improving my motivation and staying on task.

How do you manage your daily tasks? Are you a traditional list person or a little more creative?

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