Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Closet Success!

Well I finally took on my closet and hopefully I won!

This job has been bugging me for weeks now, as I feel like I can barely move in our "junk room" as it is. Opening the cupboard to see chaos was just making things worse.

The major problem was too many clothes that I just don't wear any more and no real system for keeping things organised.

Here is my five step plan for organising my cupboard.

1. Take out each pile of clothes, sort them but style (I chose to go with style rather than colour - I'm not quite that organised!) at the same time culling items that are damaged, stained, just don't fit (there were a lot of those), and really aren't my colour.
2. When all shelves are empty, survey the piles that are left and pick shelves based on regular use. As an ex-pilates instructor and dance teacher I had piles of exercise wear that I no longer use or use regularly which were stored at a height where I could easily reach them, and pants that I wear everyday to work were up high and out of reach.
3. Refold everything as you go - you'll be glad you did as it looks soooo much better when you are finished.
4. Sort hanging items - I chose style again over length or colour - whatever works for you.
5. I turned an old show rack into a bag and hat storage area, and recently created a ribbon hold-all on the back of a door to store all my hair ribbons. (yes I wear hair ribbons - my husband remembers important dates we had by what colour hair ribbon I had in...).

Ready for a look-see?
My closet part 1 beforeMy closet part 1 after
My closet part 2 before

My closet part 2 after

My hat and bag rack

My ribbon hold-all

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