Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Freezer Blues

I am feeling a tiny bit defeated today. Its silly, but simple accident of the freezer door being left open overnight has zapped all my energy. I have thrown out... well, a freezer of food, which makes me a little sad. I am trying to work a little harder at being an organised and prepared wife... and this set me back a little.

But I do have things to look forward to... like meeting my husband in an hour to shop at the discount grocer Aldi, and at the local discount fruit and meat warehouse. And the fact that just three days ago I recieved a $10 off your next purchase voucher in the mail for the fruit and meat place! Thanks God :) And that that I read some other blog posts today which built me up and reminded me God's grace can even extend to shopping - you just wait til I get praying over that trolley!

But for now I'm going to curl up for a very quick nap and then get ready to have fun shopping for our 'new' freezer (which has been defrosted, wiped down and frozen up again ready to go).

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